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Abstracts in Volume 6


Smith, R.J., E.G. Rhoden, J.R. Bartlett, V.A. Khan, S. Musser, A. Williams, B. Moore, A. Elliot and J. Waddy. 2009. The importance of collaboration between Tuskegee University (Cooperative Extension Program) and the Natural Resource Conservation Service. JEMREST 6:00-00


Catanzaro, C.J. and B.T. Jordan III. 2009. Clays added to soilless root medium affect growth of ornamental grasses and nutrient uptake. JEMREST 6:00-00


Felix-Locher, A., H. Campa, III and D.E. Beyer, Jr. 2009. Modeling avian community use of aspen following simulated harvest in Michigan. JEMREST 6:00-00


Smith, R.J., E.G. Rhoden, V.A. Khan and J.R. Bartlett. 2009. Production of eastern gamagrass accessions grown under greenhouse conditions. JEMREST 6:00-00


Gayle, G.A., M.R. Reddy, O. Yeboah, V. Ofori-Boadu, M. Reyes, K.O. Taylor and M. Washington. 2009. Using high tunnels to modify environmental conditions to extend the growing season of vegetable crops. JEMREST 6:00-00


Guo, M., N. Tongtavee, and M. Labreveux. 2009. Integrated management practices for reducing nutrient runoff losses from animal manure-fertilized cropland. JEMREST 6:00-00



Moncrief, J.F., L.J. Johnston, and M.J. Spiehs. 2009. The effect of swine manure source and method of application on runoff losses of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment. JEMREST 6:00-00



Yang, J. and Xi Tang. 2009. Leaching characteristics of phosphate-stabilized lead in contaminated urban soil and mill waste. JEMREST 6:00-00



Hewlett, T.R.O. and D.A. Bronstein. 2009. Conservation vacation: tourism can promote conservation and economic development. JEMREST 6:00-00


Onokpise, O.U., S.K. Bambo, J.J. Muchovej, J.Grabowski and M.J. Williams. 2009. Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica L.) rhizome production when grown with amenity grass species. JEMREST 6:00-00


Tavernier, E.M. and B.M. Onyango. 2009. The role of farm organizations in shaping producer perceptions on the labeling of genetically modified foods. JEMREST 6:00-00





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