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  1. Original Article: Submission of manuscripts to the Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Restoration (JEMREST.) represents a certification by the author that the manuscript is an original work. Therefore neither the manuscript nor its version has been submitted elsewhere, and that the same has not been published elsewhere.
  1. Copyright: The manuscript will contain no material from other copyrighted works without the written permission of the copyright owner(s) of such materials. The author will at his/her sole expense obtain and bear all costs for such permissions for textual materials, line art, and photographs to be included in the manuscript and delivered all such written permissions to the Editor-in-Chief along with the manuscript in final form. The failure of the author to do so shall entitle the Editor-in-Chief to obtain such permission and to charge the expense incurred to the author. If your manuscript is accepted for publication after peer-review, copyright ownership of the manuscript must be transferred officially to the Society of Advocates for Sustainable Environment, Inc. before the manuscript is published. However the copyright will revert back to the author when the journal issue is no longer saleable.
  1. Title Page: Center title at middle of page. Below title, include each authors first name, middle initial and last name. Use superscript number after each authorís name to indicate affiliation and address of the author on the footnote. In multiauthored work, use additional superscript number to denote author responsible for correspondents. Acknowledgement for research support and other credits should be written as footnote on the title page.
    The title page should also include an abstract of no more than 200 words. The abstract must begin two lines below the name of the author or two lines below the name of the last author in a multiauthored work.


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