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Abstract in Volume 3

C.M. Jolly, D. Shannon, M. Bannister, G. Fleurantin, J. Lea, A. Bins and P. Lindo. 2007. Income efficiency of soil conservation techniques in Haiti. JEMREST 3:01-09


F. E. Boteler. 2007. Overview of USDA Conservation Programs. JEMREST 3:10-20


J. Yang, Xi Tang, Z. Wang. 2007. Water quality and ecotoxicity as influenced by phosphate and biosolid treatments in lead-contaminated soil and mine waste. JEMREST 3:21-33


Anadu, D.I, A.O. Anoruo and R. Whitmore. 2007. The plankton dynamics of the ACE (Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto) Basin. JEMREST 3:34-41


Robert, P., N. Nkongolo, S. Johnson and F. Eivazi. 2007. Spatial variability of CO2, CH4and N2O fluxes from soil of a secondary forest in Central Missouri. JEMREST 3:42-52




Nandwani, D., L. Duponcheel and R. Manglona. 2007. Sustainable agriculture practices in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. JEMREST 3:53-58




Gulnihal Ozbay. 2007. Comparison of filtration of various size oysters (Crassostrea virginica). JEMREST 3:59-73




Ncube, N., P.E. Jolly, C. Fogo, P. Bessler, A. Binns and C. Jolly. 2007. Agricultural pesticide use, environmental sustainability and health risks in rural Jamaica. JEMREST 3:74-82




Mikunthan, T. 2007. Modeling of rainfall: a measurable tool in sustainable agriculture. JEMREST 3:83-90




Okweye, P.S., T. D. Tsegaye, and K.F. Golson-Garner. 2007. Distribution of heavy metals in surface water of the Wheeler Lake Basin in Northern Alabama. JEMREST 3:91-100





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