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Poster in Volume 6b


Bartlett, J. R., E. G. Rhoden, and V. A. Khan. 2009. Feeding value of wheat and sorghum-sudangrass fertilized with poultry litter. JEMREST 6b:00-00


Skeete1, J., X. Pratt2, A. Nagchaudhuri3, E. Yilmaz4 and G. Bland5. 2009. Issues, challenges, and applications of kite aerial imaging. JEMREST 6b:00-00


Charles L. Webber III1, M.J. Taylor2, J.W. Shrefler2, A.R. Davis1, W. Roberts2, V.M. Russo1, J.V. Edelson2, P. Perkins-Veazie1, B.D. Bruton1, and W.W. Fish1. 2009. Integrated pest management for certified organic production in Oklahoma. JEMREST 6b:00-00



















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