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Abstracts in Volume 1


Haley, A.J. and S.L. Carpenter. 2002. A monitoring of social need and the district distribution of municipal recreation space in Phoenix, Arizona. JEMREST 1:14-36

Anoruo, A.O., C.H. Jagoe, J.I. Blake, F.C. Anoruo and J.D. Salley. 2002. Long-term effects of environmental radiocesium(137 Cs) on forest growth and development. JEMREST 1:01-13

Fail, J. 2002. Input and output relationships of lead in community water system. JEMREST 1:80-86.

Kolka, R.K., C.C. Trettin, E.A. Nelson, C.D. Barton, and D.E. Fletcher. 2002. Application of the EPA Wetland Research Program approach to a floodplain wetland restoration assessment. JEMREST 1:37-51

Johnson, C.H., S.L. Hayes, S. Sabaratnam, E.W. Rice, L.A. Boczek, and D.J. Reasoner. 2002. Monitoring for Aeromonas spp. after treatment with common drinking water disinfectants. JEMREST 1:52-63

Seaford, K.D., B.G. Loganathan and D.A. Owen. 2002. Effect of water level fluctuations on selected organic compounds and metals concentrations in surface sediments from Ledbetter Embayment of Kentucky Lake. JEMREST 1:64-79



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