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Abstracts in Vol. 7


Merem, E.C and S.Y. Yerramilli. 2011. Geospatial information analysis of land use impacts in southern Alabama. JEMREST 7:01-25


Webber, C.L. III, R. Dickstein, B.G. Ayre, N.A. D'Souza, K.J. Stevens, K.Chapman, M.S. Allen, and K.M. Dagnon. 2011. Monoculture and polyculture: Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) and sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea). JEMREST 7:26-33


Opoku-Asiama, M., J.A. Kwarteng, P. Mathias-Braun, and O.F. Deji. 2011. Information support for pesticide management in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana: gender and environmental implications. JEMREST 7:34-41


Gunden, C., T. Thomas, B. Miran and O. Yeboah. 2011. Environmental implications of economic efficiency in cotton production: a case study from Turkey. JEMREST 7:42-49


Reddy, G.V.S., B.R. Reddy and V. A.K.B. Gundi. 2011. Phosphatase activity in agricultural soils under the influence of insecticide combinations. JEMREST 7:50-55


Osemeobo, G.J. 2011. Lessons from the past: an assessment of forestry practices in Nigeria. JEMREST 7:56-67



V.M. Russo, L.M. Zibilske and C.L. Webber, III. 2011. Changes occurring to minimally disturbed soil and plant covers. JEMREST 7:68-77





Charles L. Webber III and Daniel M. Webber. 2011. Duckweed control with over-the-top application of pelargonic acid . JEMREST 7:78-86


















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